How to extract and purify methylphenidate


[This was written by a good friend of mine, Mr. █████, and is being published here now. Please don't kill yourself doing this (but if you're going to, can you put me in your will first?). ]

* This is a simple and reasonable way to get pure crystals, but this is not necessarily suitable for shooting. I didn't even know people injected themselves with Ritalin until now. Honestly, if you're injecting Ritalin into your fucking veins, what the fuck is wrong with you? Anyways, don't do it. You aren't Bane.





This guide is written for Focalin IR and Ritalin IR pills. Focalin XR hypothetically should work as well. Concerta will not. Do your research on these drugs and don’t die. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be discussing Instant Release Dextmethylphenidate (Focalin IR).


Besides your 2.5/5/10mg of the good stuff, here’s what you’re putting up your nose, kids...

😝 Pregelatinized starch
😝 Lactose monohydrate
😝 Sodium starch glycloate
😝 Microcrystalline cellulose
😝 Magnesium stereate
😝 Possibly a dye depending on dosage

One 10mg Teva brand Focalin weighs 150mg: your actual drugs are only 1/15th of what you’re putting up your nose. And if you’re real scum, your ROA’s expand!


  • Your fucking drugs
  • Something to crush your shit; I would recommend a mortar and pestle
  • Isopropyl alcohol, 99%. You can get by with 91% minimum.
  • Coffee filters
  • Glass cups or containers (at least two if no funnel)
  • Pyrex dish


  • Funnel if you have one
  • Hotplate. I don’t use one, but if you’re going to use EtOH and want to warm it, use this.


Extremely high proof ethanol should work as well, at least 95% by volume. 91% isopropyl alcohol will end up bringing some binders, but not many.

Also, no denatured alcohol. Use about 3.5ml to 1g of powder.

Optional step: Warm up alcohol, if you’re using EtOH. Don’t start a fucking fire like an idiot. If this seems too difficult or dangerous to you, don’t do it. Use a hotplate. Get it to 150F. Again, I don’t bother with this shit.


  1. Put coffee filters into funnel, or stick it into one of your glass cups/containers, so that it wraps around the cup and stays in place. You’ll be using these as filters, they need to be steady. If you’re having trouble, invest in some tape.

  2. Pre-moisten filters with a bit of alcohol, trust me.


  1. Crush pills into a fine powder. No crumbs or pebbles; powder.

  2. Pour powder into a glass container. Add alcohol, stir for about a minute, let it settle for a bit, stir, repeat until it’s been about 6 minutes. Depending on the amount of product, you may want to stir longer.

  3. Pour crushed powder/alcohol into coffee filter. Spread the powder out a bit, it all needs to drain from the bottom but you don’t want to clog it. Depends on how much of your shit you’re extracting. If it’s a lot, I’d suggest straining it through multiple filters in multiple containers.

  4. Let that shit strain through the filters. You may need to swirl the powder a bit if it gets clogged. Let that strain, you may need to do another pass. This will take a bit.

  5. You’ve got your pills filtered through now and have a D-MPH/alcohol combination. Pour that shit out into the Pyrex dish.

  6. Wait. Some people suggest heating it up to make the alcohol evaporate faster, but unless you’re smoking this shit, chill out. Leave a window open, don’t keep it somewhere moist or cold, and let it all evaporate.

  7. Scrap up your shit. A ‘film’ of crystals almost, extremely fine, should be covering it. It may be slightly white or brown depending on the coffee filter, purity of alcohol, and adherence to this guide, due to a very small amount of binders being carried over. If you’d like to run the extract again, you can.

  8. Use your drugs. If you’ve done a good job, you can get stupid with your ROA’s. Otherwise you’ve got some pure or nearly pure D-MPH! Congrats, you have some mid-quality coke that a doctor and a drug store gave you.